BOSS Destroyer Flipping Jigs are basically “All-Terrain” multi purpose jigs that work great in grass, rocks, wood, brush, skipping docks, and can be used as swim jigs. These BOSS Destroyer Flipping Jig feature Mustad Ultra Point 32796 4/0 60 degree flat-eye heavy wire flipping hooks, superior bait and skirt keepers, 1/8 weed guards, and as always signature paint finishes. This jig is the perfect “Craw” imitation, sporting a distinct crayfish shape. The jigs comes in two sizes: 5/16 oz. & 7/16 oz. We promise, you don’t want the pass this one over.
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BOSS Destroyer Flipping Jig Black 4pk

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5/16 oz b364 $ 7.00
7/16 oz b366 $ 7.00