The Netbait Paca Punch features an all-new, stream-lined, oval-shaped body perfect for punching through thick vegetation. Once below the canopy, the patented Netbait claws come to life and deliver an action and presentation that bass can’t resist. The claws on the Paca Punch also create a helicopter effect on the fall, slowing the bait’s descent and increasing your time in the strike zone. A perfect flipping and punching bait, it also works great dragged on a Texas-rig or Carolina-rig, or even as a jig trailer. Available in a range of proven Netbait colors, the Netbait Paca Punch is sure to pack a punch. When a company puts a patent on the claws of a trailer you know the performance must be spectacular. NetBait did exactly that with their Paca Chunk trailers. The design gives the claws of the Paca Chunk an action never before seen in a trailer. It works great as a jig trailer or it can be fished on a round ball jig head. NetBait also incorporated a solid body on the Paca Chunk so this trailer will stay secure anyway it is fished.