Skirts Landing Page

Here is the largest selection of Bass Fishing Skirt making material on Earth! If you need a Crayfish, build a Crayfish skirted jig. If you need a Shad , build a Shad skirted jig. If you need a Bluegill, build a Bluegill skirted jig. With millions of combinations, you can build the exact jig skirt needed for your situation. Your imagination is the only limit! Nearly a decade ago, the widely known jig manufacturer BOSS Outdoors joined forces with and their vast selection of skirt making materials. This created an unmatched advantage for fishermen. Used together, you can make any skirted jig - any time, anywhere, and in any style. We carry a full lineup of both 100% silicone, and, 100% Old School square rubber materials. Our bass jig skirt making material is sold by packs of 10 (10 tabs of material). The Old School Rubber rolls are sold in lengths of 80 ft.